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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is essentially about organizing one’s assets to maximize it for personal benefits as well as for the benefit of the future beneficiaries of the estate. It covers areas involving the protection, conservation, creation and distribution of an estate with the overall intent of enhancing and sustaining the financial security of individuals and their families.

To preserve the value of the existing assets in the estate, one needs to take into account the type of taxes, transfer costs and final expenses that can deplete the property value of the deceased and arranging for economical funding mechanism to cover those costs. The final objective is to distribute the estate in the most efficient and effective manner harmonious with the estate owner’s aspirations of providing for the beneficiaries. One need to select and use a number of legal instruments such as Will and / or Trust to ensure smooth transfer of the estate to the heirs.

Estate Planning is not about the documents, it’s about the RESULTS.

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